About Us

My name is Diah ! I am a wife and mother of four amazing children ! My Sister Bond was started in 2018, after a trip to the public library with my daughter.  She was searching for a princess book, as most little girls love princesses.  However we were not able to find any black princess books. The only princess books we came across were images of white girls.

So instead of depending on someone else to make the "Black or Brown one".  My daughter and I started " A Reflection Of Yourself Collection".

I remember how happy I was when our first item came off the Heat Press ! A Pillow Case with a huge face of a little black girl.  I was like wow !  We did it !

We started in the basement of our home, watching D.I.Y. Youtube videos. We did everything from scratch.  Our budget was very little.  I was a stay at home mom with two small children and a newborn baby.

I remember how excited I was to buy a new piece of equipment.  My husband would give me money to put into our savings account and pay the bills.  However,  I would spend more than half of that money on a new computer, printer, heat press, products and services to build our business.  Hoping that we sold enough products to replace the money, and catch up on bills.  We started selling at local markets and festivals just to test the products.  It was a success, so we launched our own website.

Our goal is to set and maintain a standard of Self Love, and Beauty in black and brown children everywhere.  

Thank You For Your Support!